The MILO Process


As a result of fully engaging with this program, participants:

  • develop a facility for clear and powerful interpersonal communication that elicits spirited cooperation and committed action,
  • learn how to think flexibly and multiply their effectiveness under conditions of severe time-pressure,
  • generate a concrete, self-selected list of guiding principles for team and organizational effectiveness,
  • identify key burning issues and design action plans with specific accountabilities for immediate and lasting resolution,
  • explode self-defeating learning myths and develop a new appreciation of themselves as versatile learners and creative professionals,
  • attain insights and skills into how to break through personal and organizational blocks to effectiveness,
  • acquire a set of systemic thinking tools for personal and organizational learning that can be deployed immediately,
  • shift from a reactive to a breakthrough approach to personal and organizational growth and change, and
  • experience a deeply energizing renewal of their spirit for challenge and contribution.,