The MILO Process



Prior to the retreat, confidential, one-on-one interviews are conducted with all the participants to assess and pre-wire their readiness for breakthrough change as well as to learn what they currently consider to be "working" and "not working" in their organization. This data is collated, analyzed and used in tailoring the design of the off-site retreat.

Off-Site Retreat

The off-site retreat is designed to be:


You will explore powerful new ideas for personal and organizational effectiveness whose impact is immediately useful for challenges you are currently facing at work and in the marketplace.


You will extend the depths of your personal and organizational capacity for change through expert facilitation of business conversations focused on exploring and resolving burning issues.


You will be asked to temporarily suspend your assumptions, judgments, and beliefs about your capabilities so that you can fully engage in coaching conversations and learning exercises built to give you memorable, hands-on experience with new skills for personal and organizational effectiveness.

On-Site Coaching and Problem Solving

Off-site retreats are notorious for providing short-lived "highs" that evaporate when participants return to the realities of the workplace.

Principles and practices that seemed so clear and easy to use in the context of the retreat can suddenly become difficult when returning to the demands of 100 m.p.h. action in the trenches. Patterns of thinking and behavior that have been ingrained over decades can creep back in and subvert new found wisdom when there is no support mechanism or structure to enable conscious awareness of choice.

To maintain the breakthroughs of the retreat and to continue to deepen their practice so that they become a natural way of doing business, I have learned that it is highly advisable for me to be available on-site subsequent to the retreat.

On-site Coaching/Problem Solving involves me coming directly in contact with the reality of the work situation faced by individual executives and enables me to reinforce new styles of leading, thinking, communicating and behaving in real time at actual business meetings and problem-solving sessions.

In experiencing my coaching process on-site and observing my meeting facilitation for effective problem-solving, executives and managers absorb first-hand the pragmatics of leadership for creating commitment and achieving results.


Follow-through sessions involve the entire executive group re-convening every four-weeks or so for full-day meetings to check commitment and assess progress both quantitatively and qualitatively.

These sessions also provide the opportunity to explore new strategic topics as they become relevant to the business and the executive group.