The Science of Agreements

An introductory program suitable as a half-day seminar or as a full-day workshop. 
Click on a topic for more detail.

  • C = Conversation
  • Framing a Conversation
    Speaking with Impact
    Listening, the Other Side of Language

  • O = Organization
  • What is an Organization?
    Complex Adaptive Systems

  • R = Role
  • Ensuring Crystal Clarity
    Who is Responsible for What When?

  • T = Trust
  • Understanding Trust
    Building Trust
    Repairing Trust

  • EX = Execution
  • Monitoring Progress
    Negotiating Ultra High Performance


Executives report that teams learning the integrated tools in
this program have generated 7 figure returns to their businesses.

Also available as an interactive webinar series.

Expertly tailored for your organization.


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