Deliver SWIFT Transformation

We partner with C-suite executives to

reinvent leadership and transform organizations for breakthrough results.



Our unique immersive programs reveal novel ideas and practices in the context of a design studio where listening and learning fuel experimentation and insight for action. Executives discover how to reach far beyond their full, individual potential. 

Executive Team 


As leaders master powerful distinctions to break through the seemingly impossible barriers to ultra high performance, your entire organization re-energizes with passion for outstanding achievement and record growth.


Agility & Resilience

Traditional training may create learning gains and performance increments for short periods. Only genuine transformation enables the jump to mastery for remarkable gains. We have a proven process for exactly this game-changing outcome.

Disappear Your Limits

When you understand the dynamics of transformation in human systems, anything is possible...

Ignite your talent to achieve unprecedented business results.

Over 20,000 executive leaders and key managers have experienced the life-changing impact of transformational practices revealed in KnowledgePassion workshops and events around the world.

What our clients say

I have experienced the transformational power of Milo's work both in myself and in the teams I have put through his programs. In my 25+ years in business I have never seen a leadership program or core skill development that comes close to matching the effectiveness of this work. The impact has been in the 10's of millions of dollars.

Jim Donovan

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer | Panasas Inc 

What our clients say

Milo is the master of executive leadership development and organizational scaling. He played a big role in my breakthrough as a business owner, leader and a human being and has done the same for countless others in my organization. He supported our growth from $50M to nearly $100M in annual revenue over the last five years, and his coaching gems and truly unique style and approach echo in my head, even when he's not around, helping me as we scale to the next major milestone.

Jim Weiss

Founder & CEO | W2O Group 

What our clients say

The SWIFT concepts are bold and innovative. As an experienced CEO, Milo's executive coaching enriched my values, integrity and critical thinking skills in leading a large complex organization.

Dick Pettingill

CEO (ret) | Allina Health System & Kaiser Permanente, CA 

What our clients say

I had the profound fortune of taking Milo's Leadership Class at Stanford early in my career before moving on to senior level roles at Bayer and Genentech where Milo became my executive coach - which he does like no other. He is strategic, insightful and has the amazing skill of being able to draw the best out of you that you didn't even know was in you! Not only I benefitted, but my entire team excelled and performed at the highest level. From navigating us through creating the strategic plan to preparing compelling BOD and C-Suite presentations that resulted in not only approval, but increased budget and staff, plus helped us identify new projects and programs that benefitted the entire organization. The entire experience was amazing. I highly recommend Milo and KnowledgePassion and have referred him to other colleagues who have experienced the same phenomenal results.

Mary Stutts

Chief Inclusion, Diversity & Health Equity Officer | Stanford Health Care 


How We Work for You

We educate, train and coach on all aspects of personal mastery and organizational dynamics of transformation.

Our research and consulting focus on complex living systems, advanced design thinking, and achievement motivation.

Our obsession is to translate research into actionable strategies you can apply immediately throughout your organization.

We excel at customized program design for ultra high performance teamwork.

Our work highlights the power of language in thought and action for innovation and creativity at work.

Our stellar track record stems from going beyond best practices to showing you how to invent next practices.

We deliver results on time, every time at breakthrough levels.

We energize intelligent risk-taking in service of unparalleled possibilities and profit.

We relish tough challenges and love the seemingly impossible.

FRAME 1. Complex Living Systems

Organizations are complex adaptive systems. We blend insights from the natural and social sciences to power agility for transformative change.

FRAME 2. Non-linear Network Dynamics

Leadership emerges in networks of conversations.

Mastery for sustained high performance comes from learning how to create and energize those networks for business impact.

FRAME 3. Designing for Breakthrough

The source of breakthrough innovation is revealed when we seriously address the meaning of being in business and the drive for value creation.