The MILO Process

Motivation, Innovation, Leadership and Opportunity

The MILO Process embodies the distillation of 30 years of advanced research and development centered on helping individuals, teams and organizations master the hidden distinctions and practices of elite performers and world-class leaders in business. 


You will be asked to temporarily suspend your assumptions, judgments, and beliefs about your capabilities so that you can fully engage in immersive exercises built to give you unforgettable, hands-on experience with breakthrough skills. 


You will explore powerful new ideas and practices for leadership and organizational effectiveness whose impact is immediately useful for challenges you are currently facing at work and in the marketplace.


You will forever deepen your personal and organizational capacity for change through expert facilitation of business conversations focused on exploring, reframing and resolving burning issues.


For more than 30 years, executives and their teams report the outcome of this transformational work as nothing less than life-changing for themselves and their organizations.


Directly involved and fully committed to generate breakthrough results.


Equipped and eager to apply new insights and transformational skills.


Excited and determined to play full-out and conquer new challenges.

Our focus throughout the process is on creating a series of sustainable shifts in your capacity to deliver outstanding results in your organization on-goingly. Such shifts convert high potential into high performance and beyond.

While insight is useful, action is vital. Consequently, The MILO Process leverages state-of-the-art research about personal and organizational transformation with an experiential, visceral engagement of real business issues pivotal to your on-going success.

For an entire organization to learn how to break through to a new level of performance, a critical mass of influential executives and key managers needs to become actively involved with The MILO Process. The most leverage is achieved when we start with executives at the top of the organization and successively work with people directly reporting to them.