School of Professional Listening

"What you inferred is not what you heard."

A largely invisible skill-set is the fundamental core of all leadership and communication impact: listening.

The importance of listening proficiency in an increasingly global, diverse and fast-paced environment is growing daily, especially in a society driven by commercial and political challenges across generations, faiths, races, gender-identities, and wealth inequalities.

In order to remain effective and relevant, professionals must develop profound listening skills in ever-increasing circles across diverse clientele, markets, audiences and constituencies.

Only when you listen to others and appreciate their perspectives can you understand, learn and make informed choices that are strategic.

Opening yourself to another person and giving your undivided attention is deeply affirming to them and powerfully motivating in securing enrollment for action. In essence, by listening to another, you acknowledge their existence and thus grant them being a valued partner in co-creating the future.

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