We partner with C-suite executives to reinvent leadership
and transform organizations for breakthrough results.

Our unique immersive programs reveal novel ideas and practices in the context of a design studio where listening and learning fuel experimentation and insight for action. 

As leaders master powerful distinctions to break through the seemingly impossible barriers to ultra high performance, your entire organization re-energizes with passion for outstanding achievement and record growth.


Proven Pathways to Ultra High Performance

Executive Reinvention
Executive Team Breakthrough
Organizational Agility & Resilience 


Challenge Your Limits

Ultra High Performance: where velocity and power meet agility, creativity and design to put the thrill of breakthrough achievement firmly in your grasp. 

When you understand the dynamics of transformation in human systems,
anything is possible...

Unlock your talent to achieve
unprecedented business results.

Over 20,000 executive leaders and key managers have experienced the life-changing impact of transformational practices revealed in KnowledgePassion workshops and events around the world.

We educate, train and coach on all aspects of personal and organizational transformation dynamics.

Our research and consulting focus on complex living systems, advanced design thinking, and achievement motivation. 


Our obsession is to translate research into actionable strategies you can apply immediately throughout your organization. 

We excel at customized program design for ultra high performance teamwork.

Our work highlights the power of language in thought and action for innovation and creativity at work.

Our stellar track record stems from going beyond best practices to showing you how to invent next practices.

We deliver results on time, every time at breakthrough levels.

We energize intelligent risk-taking in service of unparalleled possibilities and profit.

We relish tough challenges and love the seemingly impossible.

21st Century Expert  Blended Learning 

World-class online learning materials and events augment our live workshops.

— Online Courses to Introduce New Ideas and Deepen Mastery

— Private Team Webinars to Advance Insight for Action

— Private 1-on-1 Video Conferences for Consulting and Coaching



Ignite breakthrough in your organization.

Discover how to maximize market performance with The MILO Process, our unique approach for reinvention built on SWIFT principles.


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